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corporate sales training

Selling is a difficult task. It requires more than a great personality to close transactions. Your corporate sales force needs sales skills that will enable them to gain an edge over the competition. Without great corporate sales training, even seasoned sales pros are unlikely to be able to do that.

Nothing is more successful than enrolling members in corporate sales training courses delivered by sales specialists if you want to improve your sales team’s effectiveness. By enhancing their presence, communication, relationship-building, and narrative skills, your team will be able to close sales faster and develop lasting client relationships.

Pearl Lemon Sales is a leading corporate sales training provider that has worked with sales teams in a wide variety of fields. We can offer you corporate sales training for teams of any size that has been proven effective and will produce the results you need while also respecting your team’s time.

What Makes For a Good Corporate Sales Training Program?

Every sales training offering will claim it’s the best. But what really makes for the best corporate sales training? Based on feedback from our clients, the following are all essential for a corporate sales training program to be effective:

The Training Must Be Bespoke

Every business is different, and corporate sales training is ultimately a joint investment between your firm and the training provider. Your organization is investing time and resources to improve the effectiveness of their sales force, and the corporate sales training provider must do the same. Partnering with one of the best sales training companies ensures that your investment yields maximum returns by providing tailored training programs that address your unique needs and challenges.

While industry knowledge is advantageous, the important question is how much time the sales training partner is ready to devote to learning about your company and how its salespeople interact with customers.

In short, your corporate sales trainer must offer a program that is specifically tailored to your needs and to your teams. This is why reading sales books, or those online sale courses are rarely effective, they are just too broad.

corporate sales training courses
corporate sales trainer

The Training Must Have Full Executive Buy In

If your sales training initiative is constrained by sales executives (e.g., “Our sales staff don’t have time for training”) or budget limits, your program is likely to fail due to senior management’s lack of commitment to training.

A better alternative than focusing on a successful training pilot that makes a business case for training is to focus on determining which components of the sales training (e.g. classroom instruction, online reinforcement, web-based tools, coaching guides…) resulted in the most significant changes in selling behaviors as part of establishing your business case.

The Corporate Sales Training Must Be 'Hands On'

Avoid lecture-based programs in which the trainer spends the majority of the time presenting concepts and skills and only a small portion of the time practicing them. Learners must actively engage and participate in the development and adoption of skills.

Two-thirds of the corporate training should involve participant participation in discussions, exercises, group activities, and role-plays, a formula that Pearl Lemon Sales makes use of to great effect. Learning by doing is something we have found is the most effective way to ensure that the lessons taught are lessons learned, rather than just listened to and forgotten.

corporate sales training courses
corporate sales training

Sales Managers Need Corporate Sales Training Too

While we can provide ongoing training, Pearl Lemon Sales’ ultimate goal when offering sales training corporate is to hand salespeople the skills to sell better every day. Sales managers are an important part of the everyday life of a corporate salesperson, and so it’s crucial that their own skills are updated too. Partnering with us ensures that your sales team receives comprehensive and effective training programs tailored to enhance their selling abilities and drive consistent results.

Often sales managers don’t have the skills to do their jobs effectively, as they were promoted from the ‘sales floor’ for their selling skills, but were then never offered specific sales management training.

Without sales management and leadership training, sales managers risk being unable to handle low team morale. The team culture will swiftly degrade if they are not taught how to spot and address potentially toxic workplace encounters. In addition, if they don’t have training on how to help their companies achieve this equilibrium, they risk creating an unstable and dysfunctional environment. This can lead to a high percentage of employee turnover, the last thing you need when trying to build an effective corporate sales force.

Pearl Lemon Sales offers corporate sales training for sales management that focuses as heavily on sales management skills as it does on advanced selling. This produces leaders who are ready to manage their newly retrained sales staff. Additionally, our experienced corporate sales coaches provide personalized guidance and support to sales managers, empowering them to lead their teams effectively and drive sustainable growth. Partner with us to equip your sales management with the expertise they need to excel in today’s competitive business landscape.

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corporate sales training programs

What Pearl Lemon Sales Can Teach Your Corporate Sales Staff

Pearl Lemon Sales’ powerful meaningful communication skills have been developed, tested, and perfected to serve as a foundation for business growth. Our sales training classes are led by sales professionals who have all been out there in the corporate sales trenches. They teach your corporate sales staff critical selling abilities by combining precise, practical business behaviors with best practices from real, hands-on training.

Participants in Pearl Lemon Sales corporate training will learn how to:

  • Learn to listen, observe, and ensure they ask the right questions to gain that all important insight into what a prospect really wants and needs.
  • Use relevant stories to drive important takeaways home in a strategic way.
  • Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences in person, digitally, and in writing via proven tactics like cold emailing.
  • We’ll meet your corporate sales training needs, no matter what they are.
corporate sales training programs
corporate sales training

We’ll pay close attention to your company’s sales training needs and design a program that will not only help your organization as a whole, but will also suit the needs of each individual member of your sales staff.

This strategy ensures that your team is completely engaged during our training, increasing the chances that prospects will retain what they learn, improve their sales skills and as a result, prospects will choose your firm over the competition.

Ready to get started?

You’ll be well on your way to boosting your company’s bottom line by enrolling sales team members in one or more of our corporate sales training programs.

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Pearl Lemon’s Corporate Sales Training is the one-stop education training regimen for your company for many reasons:

  • We offer hands-on sales training that treats your employees as individual learners and works to teach them as such, correcting mistakes and advising them on how they can better themselves for your company
  • Our trainers have years of experience in the sales industry generating leads for all types of companies across the globe, and they’ve gone through the same learning process that your sales team will.
  • We’re flexible to the unique needs of your company, and we’ll design a program that works best for you hope to gain out of this sales training. 

Yes! Corporate sales training is a useful skill for many employees, as Pearl Lemon has found that sales training has benefitted everyone on our team from copywriters to client managers. Sales training will teach your team how to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences, how to quickly respond to clients’ concerns or threats, and how to put your best foot forward in a competitive corporate environment. 

Pretty much anyone working in the corporate world. Of course, your top priority should be that your sales team has the necessary skills they need to fulfill their job, but the skills learned from corporate sales training will help anyone at your company develop the “soft skills” like conflict resolution, networking, and personal confidence. 

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