Sales Presentations Training


Between prospecting, selling, account follow-up, and all the other things salespeople do in a single day, they have a lot to juggle. With so much on their plates, it’s tempting to put preparation for sales presentations on the back burner. Unfortunately, as a result, their presentations aren’t always on point, and they may appear unprepared in front of prospects and clients, jeopardizing their reputation and failing to produce the expected sale.

Whether a salesperson has received sales presentation skills training, has had their manager teach them, or has learned a few speaking tips from coworkers or acquaintances, the bottom line is that every salesperson wants to shine in front of a high-stakes audience.

Top salespeople are well aware of the importance of developing excellent sales presentation skills. While they recognize that sales activities such as business development and client support are critical to success, they also recognize that honing their speaking skills and consistently delivering high-quality sales presentations gives them an advantage in attracting and maintaining strong customer relationships.

As important as they are, when employers and even individuals think about sales training, sales presentation training is often overlooked. Doing so however means that any sales training is incomplete. At Pearl Lemon Sales, we realize this is a problem, which is why we offer specific sales presentation training to salespeople and sales teams at all levels and across all industries that, our clients tell us, is some of the most effective and engaging out there.


Why Sales Presentations are So Important to Business Success

In today’s saturated markets, closing a complex sale is more difficult than ever. Clients have unprecedented access to data, making it difficult for a salesperson to present a fresh viewpoint on why their company delivers the best solution or something that customers can’t get anyplace else.

As the buying process has become more complicated, budgets have shrunk, and buyers in all sectors have become more concerned about making the right decision. Salespeople need convincing techniques to turn potential into success in such a competitive environment.

One of the most fundamental, and potentially effective, tools available is still the sales presentation. When done correctly, a sales presentation will help salespeople connect with potential consumers and set their company apart from the competition. It also has the potential to set the tone for all subsequent interactions as the sales process develops, and can even be utilized as an effective business branding tool.

What Makes a Great Sales Presentation?

Salespeople must have the right skills for putting on a great sales presentation to take advantage of these opportunities. This starts with creating a set of statements that encourage potential consumers to think differently about their problems and situations.

Because different clients and consumers will have different worries, communications must be presented in a way that allows them to cover a wide range of topics. This is why many of the best sales presentations are modular systems that always convey the company’s primary value proposition while allowing the salesperson to customize most of the content for the unique customer.

Aside from getting the content right, the sales presentation should also communicate it in an engaging, persuasive manner, which storytelling excels at. According to studies, storytelling can help sales messaging connect considerably more effectively than a simple summary of product benefits.

Sales Presentations Training

One study discovered that showcasing commercials in narrative style produced more positive responses than those that urged a test audience to consider pro-product arguments. What makes storytelling so powerful? Information is processed by associating it with meaning in our brains.

A story can help audiences grasp the value of what a salesperson is offering and make that information more memorable by tying products to recognizable themes and real people.

But that’s not all that matters. All the great scripts and visuals in the world won’t help if the sales presenter themselves is not confident in what they are saying – and selling – and does not present in the engaging way they need to in order to inspire those they are making a sales presentation to to buy into their ‘vision’ and buy what they’re selling.

How Can Sales Presentations Training Help?

Some people – but not very many – are almost born sales ‘storytellers’ but the vast majority need to be taught how to give a great sales presentation. Pearl Lemon Sales offers sales presentations training that arms your sales team with the skills – and the confidence – they need to succeed.

While all of our sales presentations training programs are bespoke and tailored to the unique needs of each client, Pearl Lemon Sales’ focuses the training around three key areas to help your sales team achieve sales presentation success:

Building Frameworks for Sales Presentation Skills

We improve salespeople’s individual and team effectiveness in preparing for and delivering all forms of sales presentations (formal, impromptu, final presentations, capabilities discussion, internal) and ensuring that all sales presentations remain true to their company’s brand and corporate message.

corporate sales trainer

Customer Engagement

We train salespeople how to engage clients, customers and prospects more actively during sales presentations and get fast feedback on the solution, team, distinction, pricing, and approach, allowing them to make modifications on the fly, even during an ongoing sales presentation, to win the business.

Sales Presentation Delivery Skills

As a part of our sales presentation training, we help salespeople improve their physical delivery and messaging skills, as well as their presentation strategy, positioning, and distinctiveness. While doing so we focus on the art of sales storytelling – a skill that even many of the best salespeople lack – and how to make use of it in any sales presentation situation.  

We also help them manage their sales presentation anxieties and arm them with effective tools to keep their audiences engaged. 


Ready to help your sales team harness the power of great sales presentations to increase their close rate and your bottom line?

Contact us today to learn more about how sales presentations training from the sales experts at Pearl Lemon Sales will help them – and you – achieve that every time.


We’d say, of course, that your salespeople will benefit most from this training, but they’re not the only ones. Our sales presentation training places a big emphasis on creating engaging presentations in front of a high-stakes audience, and this won’t benefit only salespeople. Consider if your accounting department has to give a presentation on the fiscal quarter, or your marketing team has to give a presentation on a new strategy they’re hoping to undertake. The sales presentation skills that we teach in this training will benefit everyone in your business, teaching them how to give an engaging presentation that’ll leave their audience satisfied by a proposition.

Sales presentation training might seem like an unnecessary undertaking. After all, people have had to give presentations since they were in primary school. But the industry of sales is much more competitive, and it requires a new process to make your ideas stand out with business leaders. That’s why our sales presentation training will teach you the frame of mind and necessary skills you need to have during every presentation you give, so you can sell to an audience when it counts.

After taking this sales presentation training, you’ll have greater knowledge and skills in:

  • Public speaking and presentation giving
  • Storytelling
  • Selling yourself to an audience 
  • Self-confidence and assertive projection
  • A whole load of other skills that’ll make your next presentations shine!