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Allocating the right resources to the right areas at the right time is critical to building a robust sales funnel. And a strong pre-sales training course can help you in doing so.

While sales is usually recognized for closing deals, the pre-sales process is essential to the success of each opportunity and the sales organization as a whole. Discover how a solid pre-sales process can improve your sales outcomes and increase your profits with Pearl Lemon Sales pre-sales training courses.

What is the Pre-Sales Process?

The pre-sales process encompasses all activities that occur prior to the sale being accomplished. These tasks include things like:

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Product investigation and research
  • Market research
  • Customer and data analysis
  • Scripting sales phone calls
  • Identifying and resolving customer issues and pain points
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind selling proposition
  • Deal qualification and proposal management

Pre-sales support’s purpose is to assist sales and marketing teams in finding, winning, and renewing customers. A well-oiled pre-sales process is essential for discovering and capitalizing on opportunities with new and existing partners, as well as for speeding up the sales process.

presales training courses
presales training courses

Pre-Sales and Sales: How They Differ

Although pre-sales and sales should work in tandem, they are separate roles and procedures.

Research, validation, preparation, and lead nurturing are all part of the pre-sales process. Pre-sales passes the customer to the sales team to seal the deal once the opportunity has been qualified and cultivated.

To put it another way, pre-sales creates the foundation for successful sales.

Between the two teams and processes, there will almost always be some overlap and interaction. To find the best prospects and prepare successful offers, both pre-sales and sales teams should collaborate.

The objective is to create an integrated sales process that allocates the appropriate resources to the appropriate people at the right time, ensuring that everyone has what they need to succeed.

Pre-Sales Training Courses to Master the Process

As important as it is, many companies pay nowhere near as much attention to the pre-sales process as they do to sales. They certainly rarely consider offering their teams pre-sales training courses specifically. Which is often a very costly oversight.

Sales are aided by a good pre-sales procedure at every stage of the pipeline. Here are some examples of when and when excellent pre-sales processes and talents are required to help you understand what we mean.

Lead Qualification

With the advancement of digital technologies and sales solutions, finding leads has grown a bit easier. More leads, on the other hand, do not always imply they are better leads.

This is where pre-sales come into play.

Data analysis and lead evaluation are skills that great pre-sales teams excel at. They construct profiles of ideal clients and their patterns of behavior, using sales technology and customer analytics to find opportunities that are most likely to close. The sales team can then focus their time and resources on the most valuable leads, demonstrating the value of qualifying them first.

Identifying customers

Customer discovery is the next step in the pre-sales process. After a consumer has been qualified, the first contact is made with them.

Discovery is often handled by pre-sales to determine exactly what the consumer is searching for and what their specific difficulties are. This data is critical for the sales team to understand how to position their product or service solution and produce a proposal that best solves the customer’s problem.

advanced selling techniques training
advanced sales training

Preparation and approval of proposals

The pre-sales team will produce a proposal highlighting the customer’s major pain points and a personalized solution once a lead has been qualified and validated.

Pre-sales will work with the sales team to review and approve the bid before it is presented to the client.

For both pre-sales and sales, this is a critical step. The purpose is to direct the discourse in such a way that their suggestion appears to be the best option. Pre-sales’ capacity to understand the customer and create a personalized proposal that focuses on their needs accounts for a large part of that success.

Although pre-sales is primarily concerned with the effort that precedes an initial sale, it is also critical for customer retention.

After the deal is closed, pre-sales collaborate with the sales team to ensure that the proposal is implemented correctly and that client demands are met throughout the partnership.

Pre-sales continues to work behind the scenes to follow up with customers and uncover future growth prospects, as well as to improve client happiness and retention.

Why do you need a solid pre-sales strategy?

A strong pre-sales process, in the end, leads to increased revenue and lead generation. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, organizations with great pre-sales capabilities win 40-50 percent of new business and 80-90 percent of renewal business.

You can expect the following benefits from defining your pre-sales process and offering formal pre-sales training to your sales team:

  • An increase in the number and quality of qualified leads
  • A shorter sales cycle
  • Reduced churn/improved retention
  • Client satisfaction that is higher
  • A healthier sales pipeline

A strong pre-sales strategy can also assist your sales team in identifying growth possibilities ahead of the competition and leveraging data and customer insights to sell to customers in the way they want.

Pre-sales teams should become experts on the market, the competition, and their unique leads by digging deep into customer data and behavior, allowing them to create tailored proposals that target customer pain points and anticipate their specific difficulties and solutions.

All of this sounds great, but can only be achieved if those assigned to pre-sales processes get the specialist help they need. Pre-sales training courses from Pearl Lemon Sales will give your team the expert knowledge, tactics and tools they require to both excel at what they are asked to do and support the sales team.

presales training courses

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