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Sales Enablement Package

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

If you’re looking to run B2B Outreach than one of the biggest obstacles to your success we’re seeing more and more – is how TRUSTWORTHY and LEGITIMATE you look as a company to partner with.

At Pearl Lemon Leads – the FIRST thing we’ll do before engaging with any external partner is the following:

  1. Google them
  2. Check them out on YouTube 
  3. Check them out on LinkedIn
  4. Read some reviews
  5. Read up on the founders

If the company doesn’t pass at least 3 of these due diligence checks we immediately exclude them from our final hiring round. 

Why would you potential client do any differently? What about you? Did you do any of the above when deciding to work with us?

If any of the above makes any sense to you – you need one of our Sales Enablement Packages

What we do is we look at your business from a due diligence standpoint and run a detailed gap analysis of what is needed to ensure you make an immediately solid impression when one of our agents start outreaching on your behalf (as well any ANYONE for that matter).

Cold Email Really Works

Our Core Values

We will identify, analyse and report back upon changes needed which include

(but are not limited to) and This is what we offer:

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