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They’re in charge of hiring the right people, delivering sales outcomes, creating accurate sales projections, coaching middling performers to close more transactions, and leading their teams to greater success.

They have a direct impact on your company’s capacity to grow sales and maintain profitability.

Having skilled, successful sales managers is more critical than ever before as markets become more cutthroat and sales cycles lengthen.

However, despite their experience, you’ve found that your sales managers aren’t good sales coaches.

It’s not necessarily their fault. According to research, 73% of sales managers lack the necessary training to coach a high-performing sales force. As a result, despite being excellent salespeople, they never learnt how to become strong sales managers.

This is due to the fact that skills specific to the sales manager role are often overlooked in more generalized training programs.


This is how most sales organizations work:

Sales managers usually go to sales training with their team (which is a good thing), as well as some basic leadership training (also a good idea).

So they’re getting decent training in some areas, but not the sales management training they need to lead a team and achieve top-line outcomes.

That’s why, if you want your sales managers to perform to your expectations, they need specific sales management training. At Pearl Lemon Sales, we realised this a long time ago, and it’s why we specifically offer sales management training that meets – and exceeds – these needs.

Why You Need Better Sales Management Training

Reason #1: Sales is Changing

Sales is undergoing enormous evolution. Today’s businesses have more buyers than ever before, and those buyers can conduct extensive research before speaking with any member of a sales team.

To keep up, sales managers must acknowledge the changes that have occurred in the sales environment, as well as how their team members must adapt to meet the changing expectations of clients. You’ll see a significant improvement in the overall performance of your sales force if you keep your training current and your sales managers abreast of the newest trends in your industry and in sales as a whole.

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Reason #2: Your sales team's effectiveness is multiplied by sales managers.

Sales managers who have been properly trained become multipliers in your company. They know what is expected of them as well as their team members, and they know how to communicate those requirements to the sales staff.

When you train your sales managers specifically, you increase their ability to influence the rest of the department. The time and effort put into training them has an impact on more than just the customers with whom they deal. It has an effect on every employee with whom they interact.

Reason #3: Coaching isn't always something that comes naturally.

Your sales managers were chosen based on a set of skills that they have demonstrated to you. You may have promoted sales managers from inside the sales team, or you may have chosen someone with prior management experience. That doesn’t necessarily imply that your sales managers are capable of coaching!

Learning to coach will pave the way for a more fruitful interaction between your sales managers and their teams. Some people are natural coaches; they understand how to get the most out of others and how to successfully impart information with them. However, many people will struggle with those abilities. You’ll teach your sales managers how to become more effective coaches who can better manage and grow their teams’ talents by training them.

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Reason #4: Sales managers who have been properly trained generate higher-quality leads.

One of the most common challenges faced by sales managers is producing enough high-quality leads. The ability to find the right leads for their firm is a problem for 53% of sales managers.

Effectively trained sales managers, on the other hand, understand how to use marketing materials to assist produce leads, including sharing such resources with current customers so that they may help generate prospects as well. Sales managers can use proper training to grade the leads they have in order to focus on the ones that are most likely to convert.

Reason #5: Sales managers should be able to sell.

What processes are required to complete a sale? Many of your salespeople, especially those in their first sales role, may struggle with this essential step. To better interact with their staff, a successful sales manager must thoroughly comprehend how to handle sales tasks. Managerial training allows salespeople to better develop and build their teams’ desired competencies.

As a result, educating one sales manager can have an impact on as many personnel as the sales manager reports to. A competent sales manager must understand the phases involved in the sales process in order to provide feedback to their representatives, which can range from offering advice and suggestions on how to improve to praising them for a job well done.

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Reason #6: Your sales managers must be knowledgeable about your products.

What are the products that your salespeople are promoting? They need to know not only the names of the items and services they’re selling to clients, but also the specifics: the product characteristics, what it’s for, and the answers to the most often asked questions.

Sales reps can always go fetch the sales manager to answer those inquiries, but those essential answers must be known by someone on the floor! Ensure that sales managers are regularly educated on the products they are selling so that they can offer clients with the information they require.

Reason #7: Training equips you with more effective tools.

What tools do you use to assist your sales reps in connecting with leads, tracking progress, and closing deals? Is your sales team making the most of the software they have access to?

Your sales managers must be familiar with the tools available to them. It won’t just impact how customers use those apps on a daily basis; it’ll also change how the representatives who deal with them use them. Failure to teach your sales managers, on the other hand, can result in entire teams struggling to make effective use of the tools at their disposal.

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Reason #8: Good sales managers keep their employees.

Many businesses face difficulties in retaining sales personnel. The typical sales rep tenure is around 18 months, which implies money is wasted on recruiting and training new staff. On the other hand, when you train sales managers to be more productive, you give them the tools they need to create a better atmosphere for all the sales reps who work with them. As a result, turnover is reduced, allowing you to keep your current sales personnel and make them more efficient sales reps.

Some of the most crucial people on your sales teams are your sales managers. The most effective method to impact the entire team is to provide them with proper sales management training, which includes enhancing their ability to use the resources at their disposal as well as providing them with more effective techniques to close sales, communicate with sales people, and more.

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Sales Management Training FAQs

Sales management training is specialised training that teaches sales managers how to mentor and motivate their sales team while creating a coherent, overall sales strategy for their department. Apart from generalised sales leadership training, sales management training combines good sales leadership techniques with coaching techniques that will give a sales manager tips on process formation, hiring, market segmentation, and more!

Of course, sales managers will benefit the most from our sales management training, as it’s geared primarily towards giving them insight on techniques that will benefit them as team leaders and managers. However, salespeople learning from their managers will also benefit from this training. By learning the coaching techniques and the overall process formation skills offered in sales management training, salespeople will better understand how their company’s sales strategy works and how to motivate their co-workers to reach their sales goals better. With a better understanding of the sales department, salespeople are likelier to put out high-quality work for their company. 

From this training, sales managers will gain the skills to form an overall sales strategy and motivate their team to do great work for their company. Communication and accountability practices take centre stage in our training. We’ve found that effective, clear communication that acknowledges one’s shortcomings is vital for any sales leader hoping to get more out of their team. 

Some of the other skills that you’ll pick up as a result of this training are:

  • How to give effective feedback and performance reviews
  • How to manage your time wisely 
  • How to handle team members who aren’t pulling their weight
  • How to motivate your sales team to work harder and produce better results
  • Many more!

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