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The landscape of a physician’s office is similar to that of any other business. Physician groups of five to fifty doctors can quickly grow into multimillion-dollar enterprises. Professional administrators, highly qualified human resource directors, professional schedulers, accountants, and a significant clinical team are frequently employed by them.

Meetings and appointments are organized using specialist software, and medical records professionals guarantee that all documentation is kept safe and secure. Referrals and pharmacy calls are frequently handled by a single individual.

Then there are the physicians themselves. These frequently unreachable individuals are advised where the next “client” will be seated and which line to pick up for the next prospective emergency.

Have you got the picture yet? All of this is taking place on the opposite side of the glass window, which is accompanied by payment information and notices indicating which insurance plans the doctors don’t accept. You’ll also see the bell that summons the “guard” to the window where you’re standing, ready to hand over your business card.

There is one way that you can better navigate this maze however, and it’s actually one of the oldest sales tactics in the book; medical sales cold calling. In the hands of the right medical sales cold calling agency a highly trained, motivated and experienced sales team gatekeepers can be circumvented, initial objections overcome, warm leads generated, and sales appointments booked and more.

You can stop chasing hard to reach clinician fruitlessly and focus on what you do best; closing medical sales with the hot leads a medical sales cold calling agency generates for you.

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The Pearl Lemon Leads Difference

Medical sales cold calling is only effective when it’s done right, and the simple fact is that even experienced cold callers can get things very wrong if they don’t understand, and aren’t experienced in, the rather specific art of medical sales cold calling.

Obviously, every medical sales cold calling agency claims they are different, and better, but at Pearl Lemon Leads we really are. We have skills, strategies and people that others don’t that set us apart. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Pearl Lemon Leads difference really matters.

We Understand the Many Personalities in the Medical Field

Medical sales is a vast, wide open territory. It’s full of diverse characters and intertwined relationships, all of which are crucial. Successful salespeople are aware of these dynamics and are sensitive to each customer’s individual wants, desires, and quirks.

Some medical professionals, for example, are straightforward. They’re solely looking for a business relationship. They want to know what you’re offering and whether it’ll be beneficial to their patients. This response may come across as chilly or even rude to some.


Rather than ignoring this position, our cold callers consider it from a different perspective. They evaluate why they want this type of engagement with medical sales representatives and change their conversations, and sales pitch accordingly.

Other medical professionals prefer to – and respond better to – being addressed in a more personal and warm manner. These possible leads will need to be treated with a lot more care.

Each relationship is one-of-a-kind and equally valuable. Our seasoned cold callers know how to swiftly assess the conversation’s ‘temperature’ and adjust their pitch on the fly to suit each prospect.

We're Patient

Every successful cold caller, and certainly the Pearl Lemon Leads team members, learned a long time ago that they need the patience, ability and strength to handle all kinds of rejection and being passed from gatekeeper to gatekeeper. These abilities are even more crucial in the field of medical sales.

Those making medical sales cold calls may find that they need to spend more time on the calls than they intended, and that they must speak with more people than they anticipated before speaking with the clinician in charge. That calls for lots of time and patience, which, fortunately, our medical sales cold calling team has in spades.

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We're Respectful of Clinician Time

Any cold caller should be polite and respectful, but what we mean here is that we respect a medical professional’s time. Most people who see, or even speak, with a clinician have to pay for the privilege in some way. Medical sales reps are some of the few that do not (that cannot) and when setting appointments our cold callers ensure that they communicate how much that privilege is respected and appreciated. The vast majority of clinicians and their staff respond exceptionally well to this approach.

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We Take the Time to Learn

To sell any product or service successfully, you have to understand and believe in it completely. Because if the person trying to make the sale doesn’t know what it does or well it works, how are they ever going to convince anyone else that it’s worth considering?

This can be especially difficult when outsourcing medical sales cold calls to a medical sales cold calling agency. If the agents making these calls don’t take the time to develop an intimate understanding of what they are being tasked with selling, then they never stand a chance of success.

Usually the people medical sales cold callers speak with are only interested in  how the products and services can affect the lives of the patients the physician treats, as well as the work of others in the office. They’ll have lots of questions, and will expect good, and persuasive answers.

We’ve found that If you believe your business and products can make a difference, doctors will most likely believe in you! To be able to convey that confidence, we work closely with our medical sales clients to ensure our medical sales cold calling team will have the answers to the questions we’ll be asked, and the knowledge that allows us to sell with confidence.

Sure, it takes us a little longer – and it’s time many cold calling agencies are not willing to put in – but it makes us better, so we believe it’s worth it every time.


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