Top 10 Corporate Sales Training Programs in the UK (2024)

Top 10 corporate sales training programs in the UK (2024)

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Finding the best sales training can make a big difference in the fast-changing business world. Our list of top 10 corporate sales training programs in the UK (2024) is very important for companies aiming to boost their sales. These programs offer proven ways to improve skills and increase sales. Imagine having a team that’s good at selling but also confident and motivated. This is what the top training programs aim to achieve.

Sales training isn’t just about learning how to sell; it’s about understanding people, building trust, and creating value. The top 10 corporate sales training programs in the UK for 2024 focus on these key areas. They use simple yet powerful techniques to help sales teams connect better with clients. These programs are designed for everyone, whether you’re new to sales or have years of experience.

Here is the list of the top 10 corporate sales training programs in the UK 2024:

  1. Pearl Lemon Sales
  2. RAIN Group Sales Training
  3. The Brooks Group
  4. Action Selling
  5. Sales Readiness Group
  6. Dale Carnegie
  7. Integrity Solutions
  8. Janek Performance Group
  9. Mercuri International
  10. Imparta

1. Pearl Lemon Sales

Pearl Lemon Sales offers a range of specialised corporate sales training programs designed to enhance sales skills and boost performance. Our programs are designed to meet each client’s unique needs, ensuring personalised training that addresses specific challenges and goals. The training includes hands-on practice, interactive exercises, and real-world scenarios to ensure participants can apply what they learn effectively. 

Pearl Lemon Sales provides flexibility with in-person and online training options, making it accessible to a wide audience.  Our 7-figure sales training program focuses on customising the curriculum to the sales environment of each client, resulting in higher engagement and retention among participants.​

2. RAIN Group

RAIN Group delivers a comprehensive suite of corporate sales training programs. Their training covers every part of the sales cycle, from prospecting to closing deals. Programs like “Foundations of Consultative Selling” teach salespeople to lead conversations and uncover buyer needs. 

Advanced modules like “Insight Selling” inspire buyers and drive demand by changing their thinking. RAIN Group also excels in “Virtual Selling,” equipping sales professionals to thrive in online sales environments​​.

3. The Brooks Group

The Brooks Group offers a variety of sales training programs designed to meet specific needs. Their IMPACT Selling® program is a six-step process that helps salespeople close more deals. The program is flexible and can be customised for various industries. 

The Brooks Group also offers training in sales negotiation, strategic account management, and sales territory planning. Their IMPACT Digital module allows for self-paced learning​​.

4. Action Selling

Action Selling provides a structured, five-step sales training approach. This method enhances communication skills, helping sales teams deliver compelling messages. The training includes field-based homework and web-based systems to reinforce learning. 

Action Selling offers virtual, in-person, and online workshops, making training accessible to various learning styles. Their proactive communication process builds lasting customer relationships​​.

5. Sales Readiness Group (SRG)

Sales Readiness Group (SRG) offers customised sales training programs that transform sales teams into top performers. Their training system includes assessment, customisation, experiential training, reinforcement, and measurement. 

SRG aligns the sales process with how customers prefer to buy, creating new opportunities and closing more profitable deals. They provide virtual, classroom-based, and digital blended learning options​ ​.

6. Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie provides sales training programs that focus on building strong customer relationships. Their “Winning with Relationship Selling” program equips salespeople with skills to create and sustain client relationships. The training involves hands-on practice, coaching, and a collaborative environment.

 Dale Carnegie’s Sales Essentials subscription offers practical tools for connecting with clients and securing commitments. They offer both in-person and virtual training options​.

7. Integrity Solutions

Integrity Solutions offers sales training that balances skills, attitudes, and self-belief. Their Integrity Selling® program focuses on ethical behaviours and trust-building. The Virtual Selling with Integrity program combines virtual content, real-world exercises, and coaching. Their Navigating the Complex Sale program equips sales executives to manage accounts with multiple stakeholders​.

8. Janek Performance Group

Janek Performance Group provides sales training programs that drive long-term behavioural change. Their Critical Selling Skills program improves sales effectiveness. The Selling Virtually program helps sales teams thrive in remote environments. 

Janek also offers Critical Negotiation Skills workshops, preparing salespeople for win-win negotiations. Their training is customizable and available in various formats​ ​.

9. Mercuri International

Mercuri International offers sales training designed to specific business needs. Their Value-Based Selling (VBS) program helps salespeople present unique value propositions. The Sales Execution training covers essential skills like price negotiation and social selling. 

They also provide specialized training in Sales Planning and Leadership and Management. Mercuri’s integrated learning experience ensures stress-free implementation.​ 

10. Imparta

Imparta delivers a comprehensive sales training curriculum covering the entire customer buying cycle. Their 3D Advantage® program focuses on Insight, Influence, and Trust. The Sales Leadership Training helps leaders refine strategies and drive collaboration. The 3D Creating Client Value (CCV) program guides salespeople through the buying cycle. Imparta’s i-Coach® platform includes AI-enhanced tools to support continuous learning and skill development​.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Sales

Pearl Lemon Sales designs each training program to meet your business’s unique needs. We ensure your team receives personalised coaching addressing specific challenges and goals. This approach guarantees that the training is relevant and effective for your sales environment.

Hands-On Practice

The training includes hands-on practice, which allows your sales team to apply new skills in real-world scenarios. This practical approach ensures that your team can effectively implement what they learn, leading to better performance and higher engagement.

Flexible Learning Options

Pearl Lemon Sales offers in-person and online training options, providing flexibility to accommodate different learning preferences. This ensures that all team members can benefit from the training, regardless of location or schedule.

Customised Curriculum

Their 7-figure sales training program customises the curriculum to fit each client’s sales environment. This designed approach leads to higher engagement and retention among participants, making the training more impactful and beneficial for your business.

Choosing Pearl Lemon Sales ensures that your team receives top-notch training that is practical, flexible, and designed to your specific needs.

Enhance Your Sales Team’s Success with Top Training Programs

In 2024, the UK will offer various top-notch corporate sales training programs to enhance your sales team’s performance significantly. Pearl Lemon Sales stands out for its personalised and flexible training solutions. Their programs, including the 7-figure sales training, provide hands-on practice and customised curricula for your unique sales environment. This ensures your team learns and effectively applies new skills, increasing engagement and retention.

Other notable programs include RAIN Group’s comprehensive sales cycle training, The Brooks Group’s customisable IMPACT Selling®, and Action Selling’s structured five-step approach. Each offers unique benefits designed to address specific sales challenges.

Choosing the right training program is critical to your company’s future success. For a designed and impactful experience, consider Pearl Lemon Sales to Enhance your sales team’s capabilities. Explore more about Pearl Lemon Sales here.