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New digital marketing and lead generation strategies come and go, but one remains number one solution for businesses of all sizes; email marketing.  The other thing that remains the same? One of the most effective marketing tools available to businesses of all sizes is email.

The return on investment for email marketing surpasses lots of the other marketing touch points, and the flexibility of email allows you to use it for lead generation, lead nurturing, lead conversion, brand recognition and more.

The other thing that remains true about email marketing lead generation is that executing successful campaigns is not easy. In fact, it’s a bit of an art.

That’s why businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals turn to Pearl Lemon Leads for help. Led by Deepak Shukla, an internationally recognised expert in B2B email marketing – especially cold email marketing – our expert email marketing consultants can help with everything from creating email marketing campaigns to writing email copy to mounting email marketing campaigns – and testing them – on the scale that suits your unique business.

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Why You Need An Email Marketing Strategy

Email should be a part of every digital marketing strategy, helping marketers quickly and easily access broad and diverse groups of potential customers. Whatever business, marketing or company goals you set for your next marketing master plan, email marketing lead generation will help you achieve those goals.

With an expertly created email marketing and lead generation strategy, your business or entrepreneurial endeavor can score big wins with:



  • Brand awareness and brand reputation
  • Qualified lead generation
  • Sales prospect nurturing
  • Starting real, meaningful conversations that translate directly into increased sales and revenue.



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Pearl Lemon Lead’s highly skilled and experienced email marketing consultants will help you brainstorm, craft and execute the email strategy that best suits your goals, your target audience and your industry. Reach a wider audience, generate more qualified leads and make more sales by taking advantage of our expertise and experience. Contact us today to learn more about email consulting from Pearl Lemon Leads.

Getting Your Email Marketing Campaign Off the Ground

Each email marketing lead generation campaign needs a detailed strategy for targeting the right audience and sending the right messages at the right time. Over the years Pearl Lemon Leads has developed a proven can’t-miss step-by-step email marketing process that can be tailored to support any email marketing goals you might have:

Audience Definition

Your target audience will affect every aspect of your email marketing, from the actual message to its tone to its calls to action and even to the frequency of sending.

That’s why the first step in successful email marketing is understanding who you are trying to target so you can then go ahead and formulate the best possible email marketing strategy:


Some of the questions that need to be answered about your target audience include:

  • Are these corporate users or individual consumers?
  • Are they already familiar with your company and brand or will this be an awareness building campaign?
  • Did they sign up for a mailing list or newsletter, or will this be a cold email marketing campaign?
  • Are these past customers, warm new customer leads or cold contacts?

Once these questions are answered, our email marketing specialist team will have a better understanding of who you are trying to target and how to engage them effectively via a structured email marketing campaign.

Building a Better Email List

Once we have helped you determine just who you want to target with email marketing we can begin to help you build structured email lists populated with cold contacts, qualified leads, warm prospects or former clients and customers.

If needed we can also help you capture those leads, making use of proven methods like

sign up forms, newsletter enrollments, event registrations and more.

We will then help you further segment these email lists, so dedicated email marketing B2B lead generation campaigns can be created that suit each audience in terms of their current engagement levels with your brand, their position in the sales funnel and their likely specific needs.

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What To Expect From Pearl Lemon Leads Email Consulting Services

Via our email marketing consulting services Pearl Lemon Leads offers end-to-end email services that support every aspect of your email marketing B2B lead generation campaigns to deliver real results. These solutions can be used to launch and type of email campaign or strategy including all the following:

  • Service or product launches
  • General lead generation
  • Cold contact nurturing
  • Warm prospect nurturing
  • Drip email campaigns
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Content driven email outreach
  • Brand awareness email campaigns
  • Automated email campaigns

Data Driven Email Solutions That Work

In everything they do Pearl Lemon Leads’ expert email marketing consultants make constant use of real time and historical data as well as advanced analytics to guide and improve email marketing outreach efforts.

To this end we utilize all kinds of metrics to access current email marketing campaign performance, address problems in execution and improve upon newly established strengths.

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Some of these core metrics and key performance indicators include:
  • Email click-through rates.
  • Email deliverability.
  • Open rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Subscription rates
The Pearl Lemon Leads email marketing consulting team ensures they stay up to date on email marketing best practices, not just in general but in your specific business niche and geographical location, so they can stay confident they can fulfil our commitment to turning any email marketing campaign into a real winner.

Email Marketing to Scale

Pearl Lemon Leads uses a wide range of effective marketing automation and email marketing softwares to execute and improve your email marketing campaigns. Automation is a very important component of any email marketing campaign. It allows you to reach the largest, and best targeted, audience possible with very little effort. Some of the advantages making use of the best in email marketing technology include:
  • Creating personalized and customized subject lines and greetings for each recipient.
  • The ability to create a precise schedule to ensure every message is the right message sent at just the right time.
  • Evolve drip email campaigns based on recipient response
  • Change messaging in minutes on an as needed basis.

Even when executed on a larger scale, all successful email marketing campaigns should basically run themselves, engaging prospects, nurturing leads and closing sales while you sleep – or, more importantly, get on with running your business.

Social media is ‘new and shiny’ and content marketing can be cool, but the bottom line is that email marketing remains one of the most strategies you can use today. Get more out of your email marketing efforts than you ever dreamed possible by strategies by working with an expert email marketing consultant starting now.

Email Marketing Consulting FAQs

Give us a shout if you have any questions about our lead generation services If you are considering hiring email marketing consulting, let’s have a chat!

4 types of marketing emails include email newsletters, promotional emails, retention emails and acquisition emails. The Pearl Lemon Lead’s team an help you craft expert emails to send your clients or prospects based on any type of marketing emails.

Looking to learn more or launch a email marketing campaign? Pearl Lemon Leads is the best email marketing agency UK has to offer.

Cold email marketing does still work in 2021. Not all cold emails are effective though. To have a successful email marketing campaign in 2021 you have to ensure that your targeting is correct and you have effective sales copy. You can also bring in a team of cold email experts to ensure you have a successful email marketing campaign in 2021.

Email lead generation has multiple steps to be able to be successful. This starts with knowing how to write effective subject lines and email copy. After this you need to know who your ideal clients are and how to source their information to be able to email them. Once you get contacts, you need to be sure that the emails are valid and accurate. It is also a good idea to automate emails to save you time and energy. If this sounds like alot to be able to master, you can always outsource your cold email campaigns to our team of cold email lead generation experts.

Not all email marketing is effective for lead generation. Excellent emails are effective for lead generation. Emails must be appealing and directly show what you as a company does, what problems you solve and how you will do it. 

Pearl Lemon Leads provides the best email marketing London has to offer.

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