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Experts in a wide variety of fields are needed for successful account-based marketing, including ABM strategy, digital asset production, B2B digital channels, tech stack integration, and data visualization. If any of those areas in your marketing operations are weak, our B2B account-based marketing agency will help you in realizing the promise of ABM and all it can offer your business. We are an account based marketing agency UK companies, and global, can trust!

What is Account Based Marketing?

ABM (account-based marketing) is a business marketing technique that focuses efforts on a small number of target accounts within a market. It uses individualized campaigns to engage each account, tailoring the marketing message to the account’s specific characteristics and demands.

Beyond lead generation, account based marketing consulting takes a more comprehensive approach to marketing. One of the keys to generating the most value from your largest accounts is marketing to current client accounts to drive upselling and cross-selling.


What Are the Benefits of Account Based Marketing?

For B2B organizations focusing on larger accounts, account-based marketing is becoming increasingly popular. And for very good reason. Account based marketing has a number of advantages over other marketing tactics for organizations looking to sell to large clients with extended sales cycles and huge deal sizes:

Personalized Marketing That Converts

Instead of using a generic strategy, marketers generate personalized messages for target accounts, taking what they know about their customer and tailoring the campaign's creative assets to the customer's individual traits and needs.

Better Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

Account-based marketing enables marketing and sales teams to collaborate on identifying target accounts, creating personalized campaigns for them, and aligning and moving individual accounts along the pipeline before and after lead conversion.

Shorter Sales Cycles

Multiple stakeholders are involved in major buying decisions. Because it starts at a lower level in the business and proceeds slowly towards the principal decision maker, this often slows down the sales process. The length of the cycle is shortened with account-based marketing because all prospects are nurtured at the same time.

Clearer - and Better - ROI

Account-based marketing is exact and measurable, with the best return on investment of just about any B2B marketing strategy. Account-based marketing, according to 85 percent of marketers that track ROI, generates larger returns than any other marketing strategy.

Better Resource Utilization

Time and resources are concentrated on a small number of accounts with the highest likelihood of closing sales. This frees up resources that might otherwise be squandered.

The Pearl Lemon Leads Difference

There’s account-based marketing, and then there’s Pearl Lemon Leads’ take on it. General ABM unites your sales and marketing goals, teams, and assets to engage accounts, create strong relationships, and nurture buying committees through the decision-making process.

Pearl Lemon Leads, a leading account-based marketing agency, takes these concepts to the next level. During the purchase process, a B2B customer will typically use six different engagement channels, and the buying committee will normally have six to ten decision-makers.

So, how can you be sure you’re identifying the appropriate people and providing them with relevant information and messaging at the right time? How can you then increase revenue and develop long-term multichannel ABM initiatives?

The concept is straightforward, but implementation demands a more data-driven approach, which in turn calls for analytical skills that many ABM teams lack.

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How We Work as an Account Based Marketing Agency


We Utilize Bespoke, But Proven, Tech Stacks

When it comes to the applications we work with inside a tech stack, we are agnostic, but in order to execute true ABM and visualize the entire buyer’s journey timeline, you’ll need:

Company Match Software: While corporate match tools are ubiquitous, they quickly become obsolete if they cannot be integrated with Google Analytics for a comprehensive omnichannel marketing analysis of every interaction and channel. You must be able to see data points from all over the internet in real time and decipher useful data. You can’t move on with a complete understanding of— and trust in—your outreach without company match software, also known as the most crucial piece of actual account-based marketing.

Content Management System (CMS): The most effective approach to produce, edit, and publish B2B content is to use a content management system. We can integrate your existing website with WordPress, Magento, PHP,.Net, or any other CMS platform.

Account-based marketing’s backbone is its focus on connecting and engaging with a target audience—whether it’s a past, current, or potential client. We can work with any and all CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Netsuite, and Dynamics.

Customer Relationship Management: Three phrases sum up marketing automation: streamline, automate, and measure. Within an ABM campaign, marketing automation technologies work to automate increasingly monotonous (but necessary) operations. We’ll be able to seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing automation platform, whether it’s Marketo, Act-On, Hubspot, or another.

Data Visualization: Making well-informed decisions demands complete data visualization. Data visualization tools feed your team real-time information and metrics, as well as a limitless capacity to slice and organize data, by bringing data from throughout your organization into one platform.

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We Understand Access to In-Market Data

B2B marketers attain the closest thing to omniscience by employing in-market data (or intent data); it’s the most powerful predictor of which target accounts are in-market or consuming material on third-party sites related to your (or your competitors’) offerings. This information then reveals whether or not a customer is interested in making a purchase, as well as which accounts should be prioritized.

We’ve Perfected Our Account Scoring Method

How do you decide which asset or message to show next to accounts? Or how do you know where they are in the funnel right now? The original ABM strategy is rendered useless without this knowledge. Account scoring, also known as account engagement score, is a method of determining the value of a client encounter and ranking the level of involvement. It’s fully customizable, but the purpose is always the same: to compile all engagement data so that organizations can see what they’ve done across digital channels.

When choosing an account based marketing agency, you need a partner, rather than just another agency.

Pearl Lemon Leads can be that partner. Contact us today to learn more.

Account based Marketing Agency FAQs

If you’re considering hiring account based marketing agency services, let us know! Let’s have a chat about how our account based marketing services can help you.

If you partner with an expert ABM agency, like Pearl Lemon Leads, ABM can be highly effective. You have to ensure that you have excellent copy, are targeting the right decision makers and more. We can help ensure your ABM campaign is a success.

Account based marketing has numerous benefits:

  • More Cost-Effective
  • Less Waste
  • Personalized Communication
  • Better Return on Investment
  • Team Development
  • Goal Specific
  • Better Marketing and Sales Coordination
  • Quicker Sales
  • Greater Expertise
  • Stand Out More

There are a variety of account based marketing platforms available. Some of the top ones are Hubspot marketing hub, Demandbase ABM platform, and Leandata. 6Sense, Triblio, and Metadata are also other notable platforms.

Account based marketing works by creating custom lead generation campaigns to reach out to individual high value accounts in order to convert them into leads. This is done through personalized outreach and building strong relationships and nurturing the prospect to convert to a lead.

Account based marketing will have a variety of pricing options. This is determined by the channels used for marketing and what will be included in the package. Pearl Lemon Leads is the account based marketing agency London companies can trust.

An ABM agency, or account based marketing consultancy, is a business that focuses on lead generation and organizes prospects and leads by their value. With this system the most valuable clients are the most important.

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