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Are you on LinkedIn? The chances are the answer is yes, both on a personal level and as the owner of a LinkedIn company page. If you are like millions of other professionals, you probably use it often. But have you ever considered working with a LinkedIn ads agency to allocate some of your marketing budget to LinkedIn ads to generate new leads, recruit new staff, build brand recognition and more?

The fact is you might be questioning why you should use LinkedIn ads in the first place, as doing so is not as common as making use of Google Ads or paid Facebook marketing. There are lots of reasons, however, to consider doing so. Here are just some of them:

A Large, Targeted Audience Awaits

One of the biggest reasons to work with a LinkedIn ads agency on a PPC campaign is the unique audience the platform has to offer. LinkedIn has a user base of about 500 million people. More than 60 million decision-makers, 90 million senior-level influencers, and 10 million members of the C-suite make up this audience. It’s a platform that businesses, particularly those in the business-to-business (B2B) sector, can’t afford to ignore.

While these member numbers aren’t quite as large as those on Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn has a distinct advantage in terms of its targeted reach.

Users on LinkedIn share a lot of professional information, including:

  • Position/Job title
  • Experience in the workplace
  • Education
  • Skills
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While users on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter disclose personal information, these details rarely include information on the user’s employment history, and these are light-hearted platforms that aren’t focused on business on a personal level.

LinkedIn gives your business access to a large audience and precise data. Even better, many LinkedIn users regularly update their accounts, giving your team the most up-to-date information on that person’s work history and skill set.

Precise Targeting

  1. It boosts the chances of sales teams meeting – or exceeding — their targets.
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Tailor your budget to your company's needs

Your team can customise your ad budget to your business, just like many other social media advertising platforms. Traditional advertising methods (such as print), on the other hand, require upfront money with no promises about how well your ad would perform.

The benefit of advertising on LinkedIn and other social media networks is that you can adjust your budget and bids in reaction to the success of your campaign. You play an active role in your campaign, which can assist your team in achieving the best possible outcomes.

Make direct contact with members of your target audience

Your firm can send targeted messages to the audience members that mean the most to your business using Sponsored InMail. Sponsored InMail is a cost-effective method for attracting a quality lead to your business or a potential recruit for your firm.

Sponsored InMail can also be used for the following purposes:

Users are invited to download special content, such as an ebook or a white paper.

Users are encouraged to sign up or register for an event, whether it be in person or online.

Getting people to buy a product or service

LinkedIn also ensures that your organization does not waste money on Sponsored InMail. LinkedIn automatically prevents your company from sending messages to inactive users when you establish a Sponsored InMail campaign. This tool increases your company’s chances of reaching out to potential customers and receiving feedback from those conversations.

Approach To Cold Emailing
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Ensure that your account-based marketing strategies are successful

You can utilize LinkedIn advertising to your benefit if your firm invests in account-based marketing (ABM), which focuses on targeting specific accounts or clients with a focused campaign.  This functionality is a huge advantage of LinkedIn advertising for businesses in the B2B sector.

Your team (or LinkedIn ads agency) can quickly and easily prepare and upload your account list using LinkedIn. Furthermore, LinkedIn contains a wealth of professional information about your targets, allowing your firm to accurately personalize messages to these individuals.

Personalization options can also be used by your team to customise your adverts to specific accounts. While surfing LinkedIn, you can refer to a user’s name, title, and firm, for example, to pique their interest.

Create a variety of adverts, including video and text

LinkedIn advertising’s ad possibilities are another excellent feature. You can use text, photos, and video to advertise on LinkedIn. You can also employ a variety of ad forms, such as carousel ads, email ads, and more.

Every ad has its own set of advantages, which is why it’s a good idea for your team to go over the features of each one before committing to it. The benefit of advertising on LinkedIn, on the other hand, is that your organization can change the ad type at any time.

Dynamic advertisements provide a unique benefit if you want to take a customised approach to your LinkedIn ad campaign. You can personalize them for specific audience members by including their photo, company name, and title in the advertisement.

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Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Sponsored Content, on the other hand, takes a less tailored approach that works well for its goal. This advertisement attracts readers and invites them to read your content and follow your business by promoting organic content on your LinkedIn page.

Carousel ads, on the other hand, take a visual approach to advertising. They pique the interest of users with high-resolution photographs and intriguing ad language. It’s a great ad format for getting people to buy things, sign up for things, and more. A skilled LinkedIn ads agency will help you determine which formats will best suit your campaign and, should adjustments be needed, make them quickly and easily.

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