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Some of Our Clients

Pearl Lemon Case Studies

Appointment Booking

Asteria Diamonds is a global manufacturer and retailer of specialized jewelry. Their products can be found in stores worldwide, and their quality has earned the trust and respect from both the industry as a whole and from clients, who consistently refer to them as their principal supply partners.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

ITExpert is a software development and recruiting agency, located in Ukraine. They are dedicated to delivering the most efficient custom software solutions and the best talent within the IT industry for their corporate clients.

In this case study, Deepak outlines how Pearl Lemon Leads has been able to grow the number of bookings over the course of ITExpert’s campaign. Despite the difficult nature of the IT outsourcing market, we have been able to exceed expectations.

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We Helped This Recruitment Agency To Get More Candidates Each Day

Masterclass Education is a leading Education Recruitment Agency that specialises in recruiting teachers for primary and secondary school teaching jobs.

We helped them to significantly increase the number of candidates they were getting every day.

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Generating 4-Figures Per Month

Ravi Shukle is a social media manager and consultant. Ravi connected with Deepak, the founder of the Pearl Lemon Group by enrolling in Deepak’s course on how to build a cold email lead generation agency.

Once we started advising him, he started generating leads within 12 hours and now consistently makes 4 figures per month from converting leads.

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Lead Generation And Appointment Setting

Subtle Square designs websites for Squarespace. We strongly encourage our clients to build up their personal and professional brand. We help them to become recognised and trusted as a thought leader within their industry.

As well as pursuing lead generation activities and getting the Founder Iris Koryuek on calls and in email conversations with qualified leads, we also boosted her online presence. via Quora, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation And Profile Optimisation

Osman Sabir is a life and career coach. He works with professionals in the city and corporate world, who are successful but have found themselves in a bit of a rut.

Osman was running an AdWords campaign to his website, so from a lead generation perspective, we initially focused increasing his conversion rate.

We also performed an audit of his website and made recommendations on what he could do to drive more conversions. We then optimised his LinkedIn profile in line with his professional branding.

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LinkedIn Status Updates And Building An Online Presence

Aarish Shah has led businesses for over 10 years and is the CFO of an education tech company. He also works on freelance projects within the tech startup space.

We helped Aarish to position his Linkedin statuses and he now posts regularly yielding a lot of engagement. This has resulted in him building his online presence and bringing in more business.

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Appointment Setting Using LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

We helped this client to book 15 calls in a matter of weeks due to our work on LinkedIn. They were so impressed with the work that they went on to offer us equity in their company.

One of the strategies that we recommended and implemented for them involved a 3-step process whereby we firstly created long-form content. Then we repurposed that content for platforms including LinkedIn, Quora and their company site. Thirdly we performed lead generation techniques on LinkedIn to get the client into more meetings.

In this video, Deepak outlines the results we generated for this client.

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Getting Our Client Appointments With Key Decision-Makers

Here’s a case study demonstrating some of the lead generation activities we performed for a wholesale supplies e-commerce store.

We ran a cold email campaign with high-quality copy designed to get responses. We were able to get this client in touch with the event organisers at Ascot which our client was extremely pleased with.

If you are interested in launching a cold email campaign get in touch with us! We are listed as number 1 on Clutch’s Leaders Matrix for top email marketing companies in the UK!

Getting Our Client Booked On 12 Podcasts In 2 Months!

We helped this client with their SEO and lead generation. We encourage all of our clients to develop their personal brand as well as their business.

Therefore, we worked closely with their founder, Amir who we got booked on 12 podcasts that are relevant to his industry in just two months!

Featuring on podcasts is a great way to become established as a thought leader in your industry. It is also a really good way to generate more leads to your business.

Check out our podcast outreach page to learn more about how podcasting can help you to achieve your digital growth goals.

Booking Calls With Large Corporate Companies For a Wellness Coach

We worked with Nate Chambers, a wellness coach based in The States. We helped him to get into conversations with the HR managers and leaders so that he could go into companies to give talks and seminars to their employees.

We ran a series of split test to identify the best decision-makers to contact. As a result of our outreach campaigns, we were able to get Nate seminars booked at companies including Uber and Go Daddy.

We also advised Nate on some ways to increase the conversion rate on his website.

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Generating Leads For Our Sister Agency

Pearl Lemon Leads along with Pearl Lemon SEO are both agencies within the Pearl Lemon Group. Pearl Lemon SEO grew from 0 to a mid-six-figure agency in less than 12 months. Lead generation has played a huge role in our success!

In this video, Deepak shows some of the leads we generated for Pearl Lemon SEO.

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Generating Leads Via Cold Email

We helped an App development agency to generate more leads.

In this video, we outline the 4-step process we took using a cold email campaign to generate results for this client.

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Helping An Indian-Based Client To Improve Their Sales Copy

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