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To stay ahead of the competition, Yorkshire firms are trying to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in online marketing as it continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

However, in their eagerness to embrace the new, many companies are now ignoring tried and true marketing tactics that have been proven to work for years, such as telemarketing. Even in the ‘Internet age,’ you can accomplish some unexpectedly good results when you work with the right telemarketing companies Yorkshire.

Telemarketing Is Trendy Again

it’s fair to say that telemarketing is on the more traditional end of the marketing spectrum, and unethical habits have left a bad taste in the mouths of many business owners and entrepreneurs who believe that lead generation, marketing, and growth in the twenty-first century can only be accomplished through social and digital channels.

When done effectively, such as when outsourced to leading telemarketing companies Yorkshire, telemarketing continues to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective approaches for lead generation and demand creation. Telemarketing offers a strong return on investment (ROI), but it also has a number of significant advantages.

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1. Offers the Much Missed Personal Touch

Okay, so digital is exciting, new, discreet, and undeniably effective, but firms should not ignore the consumer’s continuous demand for a real personal connection.

In an age where people are used to talking with cold, stiff chatbots via digital media, a phone conversation adds a refreshing human touch, making your customer feel valued and appreciated, providing your company an edge in generating leads and closing transactions fast.

You risk missing out on key opportunities to speak with a live person if you ignore telemarketing. There’s no better way to communicate with your customer on a one-on-one basis than by using the phone. That was true 20, 30, even 50 years ago, and it remains so today.

2. Faster Sales Turnarounds

Unlike many other forms of prospect engagement, phone calls yield quick results. It’s a simple communication strategy that elicits a clear response, allowing you to interact with your customers right away rather than waiting days, weeks, and even months for responses and results.

If you have the ability to generate immediate sales, you could see a very quick return on your investment. Keep in mind that a few phone calls made by experienced telemarketing companies Yorkshire to the right people could land you some huge accounts and/or big sales.

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Multi-Channel Lead Generation

3. Build a Bigger Pipeline

While the primary goal of a telemarketing call may be lead generation or appointment setting, when done correctly, telemarketing can also produce useful secondary outcomes and information that can help you nurture longer-term opportunities and feed your future sales pipeline with a steady flow of leads, such as:

  • Prospect email capture
  • Consumer product feedback
  • Database expansion and updates

4. Learn More about Your Prospects

Every telemarketing contact made by a telemarketing business engaged to assist you allows your organization to learn more about your prospects – and any questions or concerns they may have; it’s a two-way conversation, and a professional telemarketer can listen as well as speak.

A “real” phone conversation, more than any other medium, delivers a substantially better level of insight and understanding about your target market. Calling customers can be the most effective way to determine  exactly what their needs are and then demonstrate how your product or service can meet those requirements.


5. Boost Your Overall Marketing Plan

We don’t deny that digital marketing tactics are crucial to today’s Yorkshire businesses’ success, and we encourage you to keep exploring them. However, integrating telemarketing with these strategies will increase your marketing’s overall effectiveness.

Other marketing methods, such as email marketing, work well with telemarketing. When used in conjunction with a direct mail campaign, it will leave a more lasting impact, build longer-lasting relationships, and offer valuable sales chances.

In the twenty-first century, the best results will come from a well-balanced mix of multi-channel marketing methods, and working with an experienced, proven telemarketing business like Pearl Lemon Leads will help you successfully add telemarketing into that mix.

6. Better Brand Building

Another crucial aspect of any company’s success has always been developing a recognizable, trustworthy brand that customers remember. Using only digital strategies to do this can be difficult.

Even in a digital world, studies show that excellent, attentive customer service is one of the things consumers value most in a brand, and that just one conversation with an attentive human representative can leave a lasting, positive impression far faster and more effectively than a stream of social media posts created for the masses.

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Why Choose Pearl Lemon Leads as Your Yorkshire Telemarketing Company?

While telemarketing may have its critics and some who believe it has outlived its usefulness, there is no doubt that, when done effectively, it can assist your sales team or outsourced telemarketers in identifying and moving legitimate sales opportunities through your sales pipeline.

Pearl Lemon Leads is a UK-based, UK-staffed telemarketing company that can provide your Yorkshire-based company with access to some of the best telemarketers in the industry, all of whom bring a proven track record as well as an engaging, attentive phone manner to help ensure the success of any telemarketing campaign, whether B2B, B2C, or a combination of both.

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