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Everything changes, nothing stays the same. It’s as true in local business marketing as in anything else. Telemarketing is not the newest, or most cutting edge marketing tactic an Cambridge business can make use of, but in the hands of the right. Telemarketing companies Cambridge it is still one of the most effective, even in an Internet dominated age.

Cambridge Businesses Local Telemarketing: The Benefits Explained

The rise – and rise – of the Internet has, without a doubt – changed the way that any business markets itself, whether it is a global powerhouse or a growing Cambridge locally focused firm. A lot of the changes have been for the good of these businesses, but sometimes in chasing after the promise of success in the new digital marketing space, businesses lose out by overlooking the benefits of tried and true marketing strategies that were around long before the Internet. Like telemarketing. 

Addressing the elephant in the room here, yes a lot of people have said/written recently that telemarketing is dead. However, as one of the leading telemarketing companies Cambridge, Pearl. Lemon Leads proves to clients it’s not every day,by delivering the sales, leads and other benefits of effective telemarketing they need to both survive and thrive, in both the B2B and B2C spaces.

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We do this by listening to the Cambridge companies we work with, understanding what they hope to achieve, and then crafting a bespoke telemarketing campaign that will meet – and even exceed – their goals and expectations. 

Telemarketing done right is personal, immediate, transparent and affordable. And offers great ROI.  It can be used to achieve direct sales on the phone, to qualify leads, to conduct market research, turn current customers into loyal repeat brand ambassadors and more. And by overlooking the power of modern telemarketing, you’ll be missing out on a chance to improve the ROI of other ‘newer’ Cambridge business marketing strategies as well.

What to Look for In Telemarketing Companies Cambridge

Even if you are sold on – or at the very least interested in – what telemarketing can achieve for your Cambridge business, you will need to choose the right Cambridge telemarketing company to get the results – and the ROI – you are hoping for. So what differentiates the best telemarketing Cambridge companies from the bad ones? Here’s A look at some of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you search for the right fit:

A Modern Telemarketing Mindset

The days of simply calling numbers at random and hoping to get the right results are long gone. Modern telemarketers must understand the laws and regulations that govern the calls they make as well as how to bypass gate keeping obstacles – both in the form of human gatekeepers in a B2B setting and caller IDs in a B2C- to even get the chance to begin a conversation with a prospect. This takes.a special kind of sales skill that not all telemarketers have.

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Multi-Channel Lead Generation

A Focus on Data

Things like content marketing and email newsletter signups can be an excellent way to get access to useful contact information. But how much of that information is real, and how many of those potential leads are ripe for conversion. It could take a long time for your salespeople to find out, and that time could undoubtedly be better. Spent doing something else. 

The best telemarketing companies Cambridge insist on making use of clean data, and have the tools and expertise to weed the fake information and time wasters out. Making use of bad data wastes everyone’s time – yours, ours and even the consumer’s – and no one wants that.

Soft Skills and Solid Experience

You can learn all about the theories behind selling and conversion- which is what business schools say they’re for – but when it comes to soft skills like developing a likeable, trustworthy telephone persona that represents.a company and its products and/or services in the best possible way –  these soft skills are usually learned on the job and not everyone can master them. When choosing a Cambridge telemarketing company, ask about their teams’ experience, because it really counts.

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The Importance of Listening and Learning

Some telemarketing companies Cambridge have a very simple pitch: Pay us x, we’ll make y calls a week using either script A,B or C. They really don’t differentiate between a large, established Cambridge business and a fresh new Cambridge start up, and they don’t give much thought to niche specifics either. All of which adds up to an ‘our way or the highway’ approach that is probably cheap, but also highly unlikely to be effective.

Look for a telemarketing company Cambridge who are interested in learning about your business, your key personnel and even your brand voice. After all, they’ll be making calls on your behalf, so it’s critical that they not only offer consumers the correct information, but they do it in the right brand voice. You can only do this by listening to the client and then creating a bespoke telemarketing campaign just for them, which is exactly what we do at Pearl Lemon Leads.

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